• Motivation?
  • Rural isolation. When the closest neighbor is 4 miles, the mail is 6, and the milk is 30 the computer connection is a close friend, even at satellite speed. In 2009, there were 59,800 beeves, 4,631 people, and 1,987 houses in Meade County. If architects design 2% of housing, there are still quite a few people in the neighborhood whose lives might be improved with design, but great people and projects know no boundaries

  • Possible Projects?
  • A house addition requiring knowledge of context and an appropriate solution.
    A historic building project that needs loving hands.
    A nomination to the National Register for Historic Places.
    A unique birdhouse that looks like the guesthouse where you might need housegift.
    A custom picture chair to commemorate your mother's 80th birthday.
    A leather knotted “17 charms” necklace appropriate to your teenage daughter.
    A project you may think of to involve Paula in.

  • How to reach her?
  • It is a great time to live and work in no man's land. First, call or email. That might be it: an ear, contacts or resources. With a project, an agreement of services and fees or flat quote is outlined according to budget and project. It's all a function of time and materials.

  • Getting ideas from your office to hers?
  • -Some good notes.
    -A picture is worth a thousand words.
    -Send weblinks and tell what you want to point out.
    -Information about resources and technical help to get it digital are available if needed.

  • Staff? Hers and yours.
  • Get the job done. Respect time. Be efficient. Back at the Ranch with Paula can help with streamlining the initial legwork to get going on a project.

    The Deep Rural teaches that self-reliance meets with skilled people and technical equipment available almost everywhere. Resources there include such things as the local saddlery, cowboy welders, vo-tech drafting students and plasma cutters, the rural Kinko's: city and county government, Mennonite craftsmen, and a personal agent number at netgear. In the great cyberuniverse, she can help to find your people whether it helps with communication for the project or if “our people will talk.”

  • Site Visit?
  • Her Thesis chair once said, “driving seems to be something you're very good at,” though car time for work has decreased since she's Back at the Ranch with Paula. Will travel, the airport is 30 miles away, and projects in Seattle and Ft. Worth were accomplished with one or two site visits. The key to a site visit is preliminary research to make the time count.

  • Art Projects using your stuff?
  • Pick the best pictures and protect the originals.