Architectural Design Detour and Details


The Mid-America Air Museum: the first project

project: Case Orders Space in Science Hall
space: a corner within WWII Airport Hangar, Liberal
indoor-outdoor: 12' stage wall room under disappearing sky
stuff: hot air balloon, wind tunnel, glass case display, photographic gallery.

The Liberal Air Museum was my very first project when I worked for David Thompson Architects in Liberal, Kansas the summer after my first year of architecture school. Unheard of as a summer intern, David put me to work doing schematics for this project where I was able to present to the Board of the Air Museum. Like other non-profit and likely not profitable projects I was able to work on at this firm, I was off to school or a Master's Thesis before it was a done deal but I felt a part of it. It was a wonderful first office experience.


Eastborough (Wichita) Kitchen

Walnut butcher block island

Seattle Kitchen: Open it up

Fireplace Freshen Up

Tube in a corner: chipcarving, ceramic goblets, books, tapes and teapots

"Can't nothing make your life work if you ain't the architect."
— Terry McMillan (American Writer, 1951)