Architectural Design Adaptave Re-use


HOLY MOLY! Steve and Polly had a dream and they want me to play with them...

"An architect should live as little in cities as a painter. Send him to our hills, and let him study there what nature understands by a buttress, and what by a dome. "
— John Ruskin, 1819-1900


a place: Cottonwood Falls, KS
a structure: 1880s stone church
a function: home away, in Flint Hills
an idea: imagine...together


"A Good Christian's" basilican plan needs an apse: the solarium.
Go West young man! Horace Greeley. Altars in America are at 180 degrees.
Rotate the axis: bedrooms in the corners and central plan library in pilgrimage.
Stair as sculpture: ascent-descent-bisect-zigzag


Mysticism and luminosity:
Areopagite-Abbot Suger-Pella and the stained glass meant to be there.


A girl's gotta work: the catwalk recording studio
A guy's gotta do laundry and write: the parapet Bosch stacker and office.
Food down under: the galley kitchen and island.


Get the kids out first: egress windows and a rope ladder.
Repair and recycle: Luke and the Permian Sea Bones
Sometimes a wall's gotta go: Towanda!