Back at the Ranch with Paula with trinkets and beads (from we took Manhatten with...)


"At a flea market, I always head for the junk jewelry table first."
— Ethel Merman


When was the first bow, the first bangle? For some in southwest Kansas, the piercing and circumcision happen in the first days of life. Even those most committed to clean and simple can get a little pleasure from the occasional decorative embellishment.

"Find the mother lode in your life and string a story."
— Paula Adams

A family's history of jewelry inpiration: gifts, interesting inherited, costume.

The edible: Smarties elastic candy necklace, sweettarts rings in capsules from the gum machine, the pacifier ring. I did buy these.

The return consumer: scented liddle kiddle lockets with the tiny 1?h doll, my little pony charm necklaces, Pandora and troll beads, add-a-pearl, and the timeless: the charm bracelet. I also bought these.

The statement: id and POW bracelets, livestrong, WWJesusDo, WWMarthaDo rubber bands.

The Japanese post mind control consumerism: tamagotchi charm bracelet kit, original and Kimora Little Kitty jewelry, pokemon trinkets. We didn?ft have any of these except two tamagotchi gifts (quick murders).

The vacation jewelry: puka shells, squash blossom, fetishes, the St. Croix hook bracelet, Santo Domingo corn necklaces, Hawaiian kukui nut, the destination charms, Zuni, navajo, jade, post John's 1 big game trip: elktooth earrings in gold, the Ponte Vecchio gold ball chain watch.

Great finds from my mother and sister: the enamel 1?h hinged doll santa, a sterling bunny bracelet, a tiny baby inlaid silver bracelet, silver horseshoe dangles, jingling spurs from ears from Gina.

The vintage from mom and Millie: Fred Harvey bracelets, two tiny engraved 1881 gold bracelets from Crown Center estate jewelry giftshop from Dean to Ginny, an antique enamel bunny medallion necklace, Millie?fs ethnic woman in headdress and earrings.

The artist's jewelry: storyteller bracelets, Nancy Nichols Lopez charm creations, Lalique glass beads, Lillian Nassau Tiffany scarab ring with nudes, Dan Dakotas scarab on grass and earrings, Dian Malouf Cowgirl ring, Val Ostrach's ever-dynamic style, look her up.

The blatant: a krugerrand necklace on a heavy gold chain when gold was high. Hideous.

The special occasion: Lisa Jenks, The Golden Buffalo, Michael Bondanza, Penny Preville, the Tivol engagement ring, the ebel first baby watch from 1988; and for the boys from their fathers: the monogrammed gold french cufflinks, the engraved silver buckle set, the Rolex high school graduation watch, your own tux studs.

The most beautiful from nature & love: a tiny heart shaped rock with hole, found on horseback by John.

The crafter's collection: red heart beads, African trade beads, Bali beads, a disassembled torquoise chunk necklace, Austrian crystals, African wedding beads, a sackful of stuff from the Tucson Bead Show, picture charms, wire wrap dangles, jump rings, colored wire, and lots of tools.

Current designs

crochet wire beadwork, knotted leather 17 charm wire wrap necklace, the byzantine jump ring and charm bracelet, african wire wrap, and a random knit fringed ribbon neckpiece.

Inspirational stock

charms, leaf, flower and heart glass beads, turquoise, colored wires, heart pearls, pewter, copper, and silver charms of all kinds, handmade ceramic beads, colored fetishes, found jewelry, carved ivory, silver milagros, tiny ceramic animals, silver letter beads, and much of the above taken apart for a re-creation. Your stuff?